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Story time πŸ“–

Chapter Five.

Screens here, snack wrappers there, screens everywhere, snack wrappers everywhere.
A workspace.The smell of aluminium.

By the smell in the air, Chris was aware of the vast amount of firearms hidden somewhere or everywhere in the warehouse.
There were two men and a lady.

“Agent Vee” Angel called.
“Heeey. Agent Angel. Hahaha. Its been a while.” A well built mountain of a man replied.” Hope you’re good?Β  Scratch that, no need to ask. You’re as pretty as ever.”
In less than a second, the well built man was on the floor, groaning in pain as the skinny dude standing right beside him gave him a kick in the back.
“Sorry ma’am, welcome to our hideout.” He said.
“Agent Smoke, you’re as grim as ever. Hahaha. ” Angel said. ” Today’s your lucky day though. I brought you someone to spar with. Spoiler alert, he’s very good.”
“Huh,” Chris took aΒ  defense position. He hadn’t seen it coming. In less than a fraction of a second, Agent Smoke was right before him. Had he been a little bit slower, he’d have been on the floor clutching at his stomach.
Hahaha. Angel laughed as she walked towards the lady in the room.
“What’s up Alicia?” She asked .
The rest of their discussion was kept on the low.
“Ladies.” Agent Vee said and quickly raised his hands to protect his face as Agent Smoke threw a flying kick in his direction.
Smoke never holds back, so Vee was suprised when the kick didn’t make contact. He opened his eyes which he had closed without realising and.
‘Holy crap,’ He shouted.Β  In front of him was this mystery man who had followed Agent Angel in and he had somehow managed to pin Smoke to the ground. What was suprising further more was he seemed to have done it with complete ease.

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“Chris, is the name.” Chris said with a straight face. ” Nice to meet you.”
Both men were dumbfounded. They watched as Chris turned his back and went towards a screen.
” Let’s thread carefully Vee. That guy is a monster.” Smoke said after Chris was out of earshot.
They both walked towards him.
“As I said on phone, we’re gonna crack a case. So y’all should get prepared. ” Angel said. ” Chris is my friend and a professional. He’s gonna team up with us for the first time. Let’s make itΒ  a wonderful experience. Okay, chop,chop. Let’s get started.”
“What do we know?” Chris asked.


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