Suspect (1)

Chapter Nine

Not much can be obtained from the ATM cams. After all the bank is located at the five o’clock of the library. ” Agent Vee said.
” Yh sure, but the camera covers a little part of the road and I bet our hostage takers arrived in a van. A very huge one for that matter.” Angel said.
All fell silent as they continued watching the feed Alicia had pulled from the bank cam.


“What’s that?” Chris asked pointing at a van.
“Travelling library.” Alicia replied.
“Travelling what?” Vee asked.
“Travelling library. It carries books to people who are too far to come to the library. And also those with a disability, whether far or near.” Angel explained.
“Pause the video,” Chris immediately said as he looked hard into the Travelling library on the screen one more time. ” That’s him. The guy I saw in the bar. I can’t see his face but brown hair and muscular body. It definitely is him.”

’Alicia quickly zoomed in on the picture in order to get a clearer view but the man seemed to be looking away from the camera.

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“Nevermind. I’ll check all the other times the van passed. If he has a hand in the kidnapping, he’d have to come more than once.” Alicia said with a low tone.
They kept watching. And each and every time the van passed by for the past two days, the man with brown hair had his face away from the camera.
“This seems kinda intentional now.” Agent Smoke said.
“Traffic cams. Switch to traffic cams. We must find something there.” Angel said.
“On it.”
“He’s not in the car. I think we’ve found our man.” Alicia said, muching on some crackers.
“That biker.” Chris pointed to a rider. He has his head totally covered,so we can’t see him. But his build. They almost match.”
“Keep watching the van.” Angel said to Chris and Alicia “The rest of us are heading to the scene.”
Chris pulled a chair and sat behind Alicia.

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The atmosphere infront of the library was tense. Angel walked up to a soldier, flashed her badge and requested to see the one in charge. She had sent Vee and smoke to scout. She walked behind the young soldier leading her to the commander. The place was quiet. She could see an attack was being planned.

“The eyes of this men. So scary.” She thought as they passed by a few more soldiers, all armed to the tooth. She threw a quick glance at the library and chuckled.

“Man, I’d rather have my PlayStation than move around looking for clues,” Vee said
“Shut up, u crazy freak. Being the best gamer doesn’t mean you should be day dreaming of games on the job. ” Smoke said a little infuriated.
“Youre no fun.” Vee said.



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