Suspect found

Chapter Fifteen.

A loud beeping sound could be heard through the warehouse.
It was seven the next day. The night had been uneventful. All except Alicia,Chris and Vee slept fitfully.
” Facial recognition found someone.” Alicia said over the radio to Angel who was sitted atop the hideout.

In less than a minute, they were all gathered before the screens, the program had recognised James.

James, the son of the minister of defense. Supposed to be behind bars for rape and assault of several underaged ladies was sitting in a pickup truck with several others. James seemed to be trying to yell when a hand came over his mouth. That’s when they saw the hair, and the attire. Brown hair, and army tank top,muscular build. His face was still hidden but all in the room were sure they knew who it was. Their suspect.
“Alicia, we’ll need you to go into the database of the army. Find their registry and pull out all brown haired,muscular guys.”Angel said
“On it.” Alicia responded as she started pressing keys like her life depended on it.
” Chris you had a good look at his face right?” Angel asked
“Yeah sure”. Chris answered.
“Good.” Angel said.
Another beeping sound. All heads went back to the screen.

” Debbie? The president’s daughter? That should explain it. The army can’t act because the daughter of the president is most likely in there.” Vee said. ” Damn this hostage takers are good.”

Even though it was only for a fraction of a second, the facial recognition program was able to recognise the face of the daughter of the president. She looked worried. Everyone knew her for her smile. But in that single moment, there was no sign of a smile on her face. Signs that they’ve got the right lead.
“Where is this feed from?” Angel asked.
“East highway” Alicia answered. ” Done. ” She again said as she pressed the enter button.
After a few seconds, several images started popping on the screen. A total of hundred and eight.
“That’s a lot. Chris, we’re counting on you. They’re arranged in an alphabetical order. Take your time and find our man.” Angel said
“No need, I’ve found him.” Chris said as he pointed to the the bottom centre of the screen.

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“No way.” Vee and Angel said in unison.
“Yes way.” He’s who u saw.



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