Chapter Ten

“Hmmmph. If they think I’ll stay to be bossed around, then they have another thing coming. Hahaha.” Old Guy said as he drove away from the scene.

Away from the crime scene, he expected to be free from any thoughts of the case. But, his mind acted on its own. He couldn’t help but keep thinking about the case. Not even when he decided to distract himself with booze and a few pretty ladies. His mind kept racing. After all an officer was shot right before him. Maybe, deep down within himself, he felt a pang of guilt.


At the scene, the army would have been planning a full scale invasion, but their hands were tied because of the presence of the prominent kids in the library. With the help of advanced technology, they were able to detect heat signatures, from inside the library. Meaning there surely were people in there. The exact number however wasn’t known. There was a constant variation in number. And also they couldn’t tell who was hostage and who was hostage taker. In less than an hour of taking over, the army saw how hopeless and difficult could be. Counter intelligence team were doing their best to find some kind of weakness to exploit.

Food and medicine had been offered when the army took charge but nothing was heard in response. If not for the heat signatures and the shooting from earlier, no one would believe there was a hostage situation going on.

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The army decided to send their negotiator one more time. He had barely spoken when a voice said, “This is public library. Absolute silence is a neccesity. One more word from you,and a family out there will be clothed in funeral garment.”

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The whole place was silent.



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