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The 8 Best Apps to Improve Your Balance

Fitness is more than strength and endurance. Balance is a key part of your health, and these apps will help you improve your balance at home.

Balance is often an overlooked component of a fitness regime, but it is essential to be fit and healthy and becomes even more important as you grow older. Balance exercises are crucial to improve your posture and increase your performance. So, along with aerobic exercises and strength training, you should make balance exercises a part of your everyday fitness routine for optimal health.

You can do balance exercises without any equipment, but an exercise ball or balance board can be handy. Here are a few apps to help you practice and improve your balance.

1. pliability: mobility+recovery

From increasing your mobility and recovery to helping you remain calm, pliability has all the essentials to keep your body and mind happy. You can choose a range of general exercises to promote flexibility or find an activity to target recovery in particular muscles.

Are you short on time? No worries, there are short exercises that take only 12–15 minutes. The best part is that you don’t need any equipment. Previously known as ROMWOD, this app focuses on functional fitness and is for people of all activity levels. You can use it to reduce stiffness or train for your next marathon.

Download: pliability: mobility+recovery for iOS | Android (Subscription required, free trial available)

2. Tai Chi at Home

Are you looking to improve your balance in a fun and effective way? Try this app to learn tai chi from the comfort of your home. Tai chi is a Chinese practice emphasizing gentle exercises and stretching. This ancient art is called meditation in motion for a good reason—with focused movements, both your body and mind can benefit.

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The app has approval from the UK National Health Service. The videos are bite-sized and feature clear instructions, so it is easy to include them in your daily routine. You can also stream the app’s videos across many devices like Apple TV and Android TV. For more, try one of these online tai chi classes.

Download: Tai Chi at Home for iOS | Android (Subscription required, free trial available)

3. Becoming Balance

Yoga is a surefire way to gain strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance. So, look no further than this app if you’re looking to build flexibility like a yogi and do all the asanas with ease. The app gives you detailed steps and teaches the theory behind the movements with podcasts, interviews, and videos.

The app has exercises that specifically focus on strengthening your upper arms and doing hand balancing exercises. You can choose the filter option to find your preferred videos based on certain criteria. Plus, you can also track your progress in the app. From meditation to nutrition, this app has it all for your personal growth.

Download: Becoming Balance for iOS | Android (Subscription required, free trial available)

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