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The chase begins

Chapter six.

It’s been less than three hours, but it felt like the police had been at the crime scene for days without sleep.
Several dozen of officers had their guns aimed at the entrance of the library. A few dozen were busy with investigations and interrogations.

The bank was being searched. Officers weren’t willing to leave a stone unturned.
“A blindspot. Sir, there’s a blindspot .” Charlie sniper called out.
“Huh? Where? ” Old Guy asked.
” He’s right sir. But it should be a highly trained marksman to use it as an escape route. It’s the highest part of the bank building, believed to have once been a chimney.” Alpha sniper said also.
“A chimney in a bank, huh, funny. I’ll have a team check it out immediately. How do you think the marksman escaped through there?” Old Guy asked
” A line. The sniper must have crossed by crawling across a line. Or better still using special gears to propel him or herself at top speed. If this is the case however, the marksman will definitely be well trained in several ways.” Alpha Sniper said analysing.

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“Sir,” the leader of the team sent to investigate called.” There’s a line. No two. From across here to the museum and the factory. The line has been cut sir. Indicating the use of high grade weapons. ”
“Two ropes. One is a diversion. One is the real deal. Two groups. One on each rope. Be swift. Waste no ti…?
“Three ropes sir, its three. The third perfectly hidden behind the second. Almost invisible. ” the unit leader cut in as Old guy spoke.
” Three groups it is then. Y’all are trained well enough to handle this kind of situations. Waste no more time. Go after whoever it is out there with all you have.” Old Guy said as his final orders.
“Yessir. ” The unit leader replied.

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Just then, the list Captain Old Guy requested was brought to him.
” All on this list must be interrogated.” Old Guy said.
“Everyone is available,sir, except Inspector Constable. She took her annual leave a few days ago sir. Word is she’s not on the island.”
“We’ll have to wait for her then.” Old guy said.
“The clowns sir, should they be let go?”
“Not yet. They served as diversion. They’re essential to the case. Hold on to them and make sure they don’t get in touch with each other. Twenty four hours surveillance on them also. Nothing should be overlooked. ” Old guy said.



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