The hard truth

Chapter seventeen

The air was heavy all of a sudden. Chris didn’t know why but he could tell he was being doubted.

“The hell? Are you trying make a fool of us?” Smoke asked, looking really mad.
“No. He’s who I saw.” Chris defended himself.
“No way. You lie. He can’t be in on something of this sort. The man’s an upright man.” Vee said.
“Shut up you both.” Alicia said.” Here we are, seeing our boss in the army’s register. How many of you knew he was in the army? No one? Then why do you doubt what Chris says. If he can hide something like this from us, then, he can hide more.”
“Captain Snake. Well, I guess that name makes sense of itself now.” Angel said .
“I’m confused guys. Am I supposed to know him or something?” Chris asked.
“He’s our boss, Chris. This islands best strategist.” Angel replied.

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“Crap. I’m sorry but he’s who I saw.” Chris apologised.
“Shut the hell up. Don’t start treating us like some kids who can’t handle this simple piece of info.” Smoke said as he stormed out.
“Let’s get to work. If he’s our real suspect, he might get away with this before we ever know what’s happening. The guys just that good. Double your efforts. Be more vigilant. And leave all emotions out of this job.” Angel said. ” Vee, get your guns ready for action.”

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“Officially, he’s on a leave. This isn’t mere coincidence.” Alicia said.” Who does he have as an accomplice. How many are they? And who are they? I’m trying to find the last people who paid him a visit before he went on his leave. Both in the office and at his house.”
“I doubt we’d find anything, but it’s a good idea.  Give it a shot. And while you’re at it, try finding his closest buddies in the army. Chris and I will be visiting a friend or two.”


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