US man turns billionaire for a few hours, becomes 25th richest man in the world

Many dream of becoming billionaires, but not everybody manages to be one. However, one man from the US became a billionaire for just a few hours.
A man was pleasantly shocked when he was credited billions into his account. Having no clue where the money came from, he decided to call the bank and sort out the issue. In the meantime, his bank balance made him 10 times richer than the owner of Virgin Group, Richard Branson.

The bizarre incident happened to Darren, a father from Louisiana. The father of two was taken aback when he got a notification stating that he was credited $50 billion into his account. The man, who unsurprisingly was confused, immediately checked his bank statements to ensure that the notification was right. On confirming the existence of such a sum of money in his bank account, Darren became scared. He thought he would have people barge into his house and check. Soon after, he called the bank and told them about the incident.

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The man, who previously worked as a law enforcement officer in the Louisiana Department of Public Safety, told the bank that he had neither earned the money nor given that money to anybody. As a result, his bank account was frozen for three days and the money was later debited.

According to the Daily Star, Darren became the 25th richest person in the world for a few hours.
What would you do if you got billions in your bank account one fine morning like Darren?

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