Watch duty

Chapter Thirteen

With the aid of the bugs Angel had planted after visiting the crime scene, they were able to hear and see whatever was going on.
” Is the minister for real?” Vee asked.
“I guess he is.” Chris replied. He didn’t seem to be joking when he spoke those words. I’m only wondering if he has the power to wipe the entire police force.”

“Don’t divert please, the case is what we’re here to solve.” Angel told them.” The decision made by the minister could be a well thought of plan, to help smoke out the individuals responsible. But that plan has a higher plan of accomplishing something only if the hostage taker is really a cop. Other than that, the move of the minister is putting the law enforcement agencies at a loss. The police force and the army need to work hand in hand to find the perpetrators. Causing this much trouble will reduce their efficiency.”
“How the hell does she manage to think of all that,within the moment?” Vee asked, looking baffled.

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Angel smiled. She had a lot on her mind.
Was the new turn of events, orchestrated by the hostage taker? Who the hell was behind those walls? Why is the minister acting rush?How did everything happen so quickly?

“That’s it.” She thought.
“The kids. They were all brought into the library from somewhere else. Let’s find where that was, and how. They might have expected to stay in there for a while. Its likely they brought their own food and water. That should be why no requests have been made so far. We’ll take turns watching the traffic cam feeds. Two at a time always.  We must surely find something.” Angel said to everyone’s hearing.

Vee and Smoke volunteered to be starters. They sat behind the enormous screens, their eyes glued.
” You don’t have to strain too much. I’m running facial recognition on the the suspected kidnapees. Once an image pops up on any of them, there’ll be an alert.” Alicia said as she went towards the back to get some snacks.
“If that’s the case, we have nothing to do. Why don’t we play video games?” Vee proposed to Smoke who in turn scoffed at him.


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