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What Happens To Ladies When They K1ss During Periods

Today I want to share to everyone the answer I have been providing to people who have emailed me concerning the question “Does k1ssing reduce period pain?”

Obviously, certain things about relationships can be complex to understand and playing safe can be a daunting thing as you have hundreds of unanswered questions begging for answers. You want to be cleared about it or sometimes even lack the courage to ask, maybe you’re shy.


On the delicious and passionate side of a relationship, a smooch can be a heart-healthy micro workout, a hormone releaser and a mood booster. It’s also fun and a great way to connect with the person you care about.



Does k1ssing reduce period pain?

What happens if a girl k1sses a boy in a period? Almost every teen tends to ask such questions at their earlier puberty stage and when the menstrual pain is becoming almost unbearable they sort to learn if the act can reduce period pain.


According to research, what happens when we do the same in periods, is the increase in blood flow in the body system and can help relieve menstrual cramps. While it makes you feel good, the menstrual pain is reduced. A k1ss and smooching during periods can be worth trying to relieve pain especially when you have a partner.

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