When he reaches that level, I’ll reply him- Strongman reveals why he doesn’t want to reply Amerado’s diss

#Strongman has revealed in a fresh interview why he has refused to respond to industry colleague #Amerado’s diss song, Obia Boa.

Speaking to Ike De Unpredictable on Angel FM, the former SarkCess Music label signee said he finds no reason to reply to Amerado because he feels he’s not up to his level to warrant his attention.

He further said when the time is right and fans clamour for it, he won’t hesitate to fire back.

Strongman said a beef song becomes fiery when one replies immediately the gauntlet is thrown down at him but when time elapses, it’s no longer prudent to serve Amerado the same cold dish.


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Similarly, Strongman recently magnified the relevance of beef in the industry and dissing other rappers in a fresh interview conducted on GNA Entertainment segment.

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The hard-hitting rhymer believes beef presents the right avenue for an MC to assert his authority or supremacy over another artiste hence its significance for the rap culture cannot be downplayed.

Strongman shockingly said he’s not a lover of skirmishes within the industry on a lyrical level but should anyone takes the fight to him, he’s on standby to retaliate:

He said; “Beefing is a place to pour your emotions and prove to your opponent that you are a better rapper.

With how beef is relevant, it depends on who you are beefing or how people are interested in that beef, but for me personally, I don’t like beef though, but as a hard rapper, you can’t take beef from your activities.”